Trading Business

Taico Plastics brings affordable plastic items to help businesses as well as consumers with bigger and better items that are more affordable than other products on the market.
Next Generation LED Lighting Products
Cost efffective lighting products that last longer than current lighting products as well as help lower your cost of electricity.

Featured Products

Member business affiliates get better pricing for our wholesale products.

・4 to 55 Gallon Trash Bags
・Foam Trays, cups and plates
・LED Lighting Products
・Plastic Shoppings and other type Bags
・Bio-degradable plastics
・Most Affordable Pricing
・Flexible staffs to work with
・Local Company
・Working to save our Island
・Custom products to suit your needs


June 2010
Lauched our first trash bags, Durahold. Became the Number 1 selling trash bag in the first month.
September, 2010
Launch our first plastic shopping bag at Payless Supermarket.
November, 2010
Launched our first Biodegradable shopping bag at the Payless Supermarkets in Guam.
January 2011
Expect to Launch our first LED lighting product that will help the consumers in Guam with the most effective lighting products in the century.